Guitar Theory

guitar theory
Beginning Music Theory for Guitar Part 1

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What is the theory of music itself as playing the guitar and piano?

I'm trying to learn to play guitar and not where to begin. My friend told me it's like playing the piano, but I've never played piano before … HELPPPPP

You ask two different issues. Is this the theory of music in terms of the same chord progression, chord structure, notes on a scale, etc.? Yes he is. The guitar and piano? No, you will not learn the same way. The guitar is about forms of agreements, and the piano is built around certain notes. Thus, almost all pianists use the partition, and guitarists not like the score. Anyway, enough of that. Incidentally, you do not play the piano to play the guitar, so do not worry about comparing the two. You need a step-by-step instruction that will guide you through what you need to know to play with time in all grades there. Discover my first Series: Stephen

guitar theory