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how to play guitar quickly and easily
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How can I learn piano chords and scales quickly and easily?

I need to learn improvisational piano techniques quickly. Such as common scales ionian, dorian, lydian and such. As well as how to integrate common chords into them like major, minor, Maj7, m7, and dom7 mostly.

I have no interest in proper notation nor classical arrangement (it wasn’t necessary for learning guitar). And I have no time to waste on stuffy instructors(also not needed for me to learn guitar improv).

I am an above average play-by-ear improvisational guitarist with a sound understanding of basic music theory. I use the CAGED method for guitar and was wondering if there is a similar system for learning piano chords and scales quickly.

On the piano, you don’t really need a “CAGED” method because the octaves are much easier to visualize. You just have to be able to see the group of two black keys versus the group of three black keys as you move up and down the keyboard.

For example, the note between the two black keys, anywhere on the keyboard, is D.

This is one reason I moved from guitar to piano some years back and stayed with the piano. It was so much easier to visualize every note on the piano, and I’m a visual person.

As far as learning chord shapes, check out — this site teaches a three note method for finding 72 basic piano chords.

You can download a PDF file of all 72 chords here

how to play guitar quickly and easily

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