Learn To Play Guitar Country

learn to play guitar country
Learn Guitar – Country Roads Beginner – John Denver

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Do I need to play the guitar and wear a cowboy hat to be a country singer?

I love singing country and I’m getting pretty good, I’m just not THAT country, like enough to wear a cowboy hat and feel like myself. And I haven’t learned to play the guitar well enough, cause singing kinda came first, but I’m learning.

I love singing country rock, I just don’t wanna feel like a fake. And all guy seem to play the guitar, I dunno what do you think?

If you’ll notice, many just hold a guitar or maybe just strum a bit. I think it’s a prop for many, and something to do with their hands, holding a guitar looks better than just standing there.

As for the hat, I’ve never seem Vince Gill wear one, or Keith Urban, or even Johnny Cash for that matter.
Garth Brooks started the style of the ridiculously large brim, and Toby Keith the goofy small brim.
Consider yourself in the middle and don’t wear one at’all.

learn to play guitar country

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