How To Play Bluegrass Guitar

how to play bluegrass guitar
Introduction To Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

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NOTE: Can you use your imagination for me?

If you're familiar with Guns n Roses song "Sweet Child O'Mine." Would it seem strange to bet played blue grass? No kidding. Imagine the beginning where the guitar comes when we played with a violin. The song sung in the style Bluegrass traditional. Instruments mandolin, banjo, upright base, and acoustic guitar. In my head I think to play. How do you think fans take bluegrass country?

I know it would sound incredible. It's one of those songs that really need a banjo. When I hear the original song, I almost think has a slight gospel feel, and gospel songs beautiful sound when you play blue-grass style. Would fit well in movies like "O Brother, . Where Art Thou "flashover" is a good idea: I have the CD "Hayseed Dixie. This is a tribute to ACDC bluegrass. It will help you to understand how this song would be good.

how to play bluegrass guitar