Play Guitar And Bass

play guitar and bass
Behemoth – Episode III – Guitar and Bass Tracking March – April 2009 ev

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should play bass or guitar?

I play the guitar for years, but I'm not very good … the bass is easier to play? or not to give up and keep trying on guitar? bass is a little more unusual and attractive, so it is tempting to me lol

Well, if you played the guitar for years the basic knowledge to play well. With the bass has only 4 strings and are generally thicker and easier to play. Agreements not that many pieces. The guitar is more difficult if you want a greater challenge to continue. But if you want something a little easier at low BUT you must have a good sense of rhythm. With the bass is more likely to join a group if the effects you, remember to make sure you have a good pace if you go down. I think we should go down to help you. it will be easier for me to play, because I started from scratch, So I fight with him, but he did better than me. Good luck with what you do.

play guitar and bass