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learn guitar quick and free
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reall want to play the guitar, help?

I want to learn to play guitar électricté. I do not even have a guitar. help me I want to know how I can install and learn at a rapid pace. ps lots of love, feel free to give suggestions for guitars I am a girl by the too =]

First, it depends what level you want to learn. In addition, there is a "rapid pace" really. You must practice often and be patient and persistent. I would say are classes because they give you a basic unbelievable, especially if they have no prior musical training or experience. Invest in a guitar when you feel ready. Go basic. Recently started learning the guitar and base guitar all good. You can buy an acoustic guitar in the future, but they tend to face more power easy to learn. Learn songs you love Tags: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com This site is really good. 🙂 Feel free to message me if you need more Tips. Good luck. xD

learn guitar quick and free