How To Play Guitar By Ear

how to play guitar by ear
How to Play in One Ear by Cage The Elephant on Guitar

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Playing piano by ear, but not the guitar.?

I can play songs on a keyboard by ear. With a trial and error, you can find the keys or chords, I'm looking for. That said, how can I find the sounds I'm looking for a guitar? It seems quite foreign to me. Please help me understand. I'm going to buy an acoustic guitar for practice.

I started by learning a few basic chords, then DAGEC Em and so on. Reach basic agreements on a train from ear to capture the basic sound. It just takes time and practice. When I learned guitar my fingers hurt sooo bad but I played a lot and had good callus after about 3 months. Good luck! I hope it helped! 🙂

how to play guitar by ear