How To Play Guitar The Easy Way

how to play guitar the easy way
How to play the guitar the EASY WAY 5

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What songs plus "Smoke on the Water" and "Iron Man" are easy to play on guitar?

I am a beginner that can read the labels, I'm not so good on the fingers on the frets yet, and already knows how to play the two songs mentioned … The easiest way to at least … and want to know some songs easier to play, and labels if possible, if you can not give, I'll watch …

Crazy Train is not "Takin 'Bout Love songs are good for beginners, but a little harder than Smoke on the Water. Sunshine of Your Love is pretty easy. Many Green Day songs (like Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Good Riddance) are easy, but not everyone likes Green Day. Seek and Destroy is one of the easiest songs Metallica. These are things that the top of my head. For free chips, I recommend searching on Google. If you want to buy a very nice tab, go and look at the song you want. You can buy the sheet music comes with a program called Guitar Guru who shows him how to play the song. I hope this help.

how to play guitar the easy way