Play Guitar Hero 2 On Pc

play guitar hero 2 on pc
Play Guitar Hero 2 on the Drums

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helpp! we are playing Guitar Hero World Tour with 2 people in the PC?

I want to play Guitar Hero World Tour on my pc with my friends.Is this possible? For example I use the keyboard to play the guitar and you use the joystick to play the drums

I only played the guitar and voice, but you can playing with 2 players on PC Guitar Hero World Tour. I use a guitar from GH 3 for PC and PS2 Rock Band USB microphone for voice. You are only allowed to use a USB microphone, for some reason, not going to work thorugh the sound card. It is much harder for me to play guitar and voice at the same time, let me tell you! PS2 Rock Band USB drum work too. I have not tried with a wireless guitar or anything.

play guitar hero 2 on pc