Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

acoustic guitar amplifiers
AC-33 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier – Overview

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Acoustic guitar power amp?

I have an acoustic guitar pickups (no preamp) and the need for an amplifier good acoustics. I'll probably get one with a preinstalled DI (or before), so I do not need to purchase separately (or should I buy anyway?). I want to know what would be the best power play in a church of 100-150 people. I'm playing with a drummer, bassist, electric keyboard, and singers 3. All APs will be through, and I am in my own acoustic amplifier. I do not want to be drowned if I want to know the minimum power amplifier should be looking. Thank you in advance.

You should look at least 60 watts. Between 60 and 120 watts is enough skill in size. Force-feeding is still better for the volume. solid state is ideal if you want good effects and clarity at high volume.

acoustic guitar amplifiers