Learn To Play The Drums

learn to play the drums
Learn To Play Drums – Drum Lessons

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Where can I learn to play the drums?

I want to play the drums very badly, like in modern bands. I, however, need someone to teach me. I live in Marshall, MO, and I’m not sure where I can find someone in or near town who I could learn from. Help?

workshoplive.com has a drums section. I am a member of this site for guitar and I have been checking the drums section too as it comes in too. My only experience with drums has been with a digital drum kit and I love it. You can try their service for one month if you want and if you don’t like it then you just cancel it, it’s worth only 20 and for the quality I am impressed. I don’t know much about the drums section, but their guitar lessons are excellent. Very beginner oriented. What I did for drums is just to play it, and the guitarist I’ve played with love my style, but I can’t really say I play real drums as my only experience it’s with a digital drum kit and a boss drum machine. Thinking about beats and rhythms and playing with people help. I have yet to get mine, I know I will as I love drums too.

learn to play the drums