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play guitar hero games for free
How To Play Guitar Hero Customs/How To Mod Your PS2 For Free

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Can PS3 play PS2 games?

I intend to trade my PS2 for a PS3 for Christmas this year. I do not want all my PS2 games go. I heard that only certain versions of the PS3 (80GB, 160GB, etc.) to play PS2 games. If yes, how much do they cost? The PS3 has not lived? A list of PS2 games I want to be playable on PS3: Guitar Hero World Tour (including drums, guitar, microphone and controllers) Guitar Hero Metallica Thrillville Smash Hits Guitar Hero Call of Duty 1 Any response is helpful. Thank you

ALL PS3 play PS1 games. Remember to check your game for the PS1 support here, as some PS1 games have problems playing on the PS3. Just choose one or the other model of PS3, as they all have the same software emulation PS1. All PS3 could play PS2 games are no longer in production. 20 and 60 GB (NTSC) will close 97% PS2 games properly. This is NOT FULL support a large number of people. Some games have a gambling problem Go here for compatibility .* The first 80 GB generation (Metal Gear Solid 4 Motorstorm and packages) and 60GB (PAL) have reduced support PS2. Some games PS2 have been improved by firmware updates for the PS3 compatible. Once more, click here to support The compatibility .* 40 GB, 80 GB second generation 160 and PS3 Slim can not play all PS2 games. There is no way to make it compatible with PS2 .** It has been confirmed by Sony that the PS2 compatibility will not return to any future PS3 consoles. The software PS2 PlayStation Store does not show your PS3 compatible if it is not already. It is used to emulate the PS2 hard drive grease was used to some PS2 games, then this software is compatible models only. * – If your PS3 has 4 USB ports, is compatible with PS2 games. But we must know what you GB have to check the compatibility or reduced almost complete compatibility. ** – If your PS3 has only 2 USB ports, will not play any PS2 game to all. —————————— For the PS2 game Guitar Hero, I can not be sure you can play on a PS3 compatible with the instruments. Your best bet is to exchange Guitar Hero games and get the PS3 version. On the other hand, the PS2 versions are not compatible with online play. PlayStation Network is free. The cost varies models compatible. Can be found on eBay, Amazon, and some renovated over

play guitar hero games for free

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