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In the bones of the wrist due to battery problems.?

I play guitar in a band and I always wanted to learn drums. Our drummer Group me gave me his drumsticks to practice at home. Lately my right wrist started to hurt. Since I have no battery at home, just a convenient platform I use, I think my wrist is bad because I'm hitting anything when I'm imagining is a cymbal crash. I learned Tae Kwon Do not miss driving in the air, because it will hurt your knee and I wonder if this is the same concept. This is not my muscle damage due to node I pushed my wrists hurt a little. I think it's not a big problem and I do not want to go to hospital or anything. Thank you in advance. Is it so bad you have to go to a therapist?

Pain is likely to be caused by one of the bones of the wrist moving light spot. I see this often, and usually the lunate bone is affected. A visit to a chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries should resolve this problem.

learn guitar node