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play guitar spanish
Spanish Guitar Playing at Dubai

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How can I play the guitar when I did a lot wrong hand then?

How can you manage the guys play for hours without pain? tips of the fingers of my left hand to hold the rope just screaming in pain. I used to think that someday I'll get used to it, but it is not the case. I'm Spanish and classical acoustic guitars for years – if possible – now I buy an electric guitar. Can recommend a guitar that is easy on the fingers, which did not need much pressure to hold down or fret the strings?

Any guitar can be set to the string height is set at a minimum. The lower you go, however, the more likely the chain of rumor. To use the channels of the light, or more if you want to be able to bend much. strings attached grease if you want a deep voice. Personally I use Elixir strings. A little more expensive but worth it. last longer and slippery smooth mmmmm mom. And its beautiful. Maybe you push down the strings too, but I'm sure it is not like you've played for a while now. Gibson Les Paul were invited to play as the string height is quite low. The wide neck, but it can be uncomfortable for some. Fender Strat / Tele neck has a beautifully smooth and narrow, which is very comfortable to play. I prefer the beginning of the Les Paul personally. Play with the height of the strings and set your preferences. Good luck to her partner.

play guitar spanish