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lead guitar lessons
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I get guitar lessons or not?

I'm 15 and have played guitar for nearly 11 months and I'm pretty good. I just bought a new guitar and an amp and I play in a band of lead. I can play solos very fast and I know many techniques such as tapping, hammer-ons, pull harmonics toe tremolo pick-and I do not know how penetonic all scales, and how to play in a particular key. I sometimes feel I am illiterate when it comes to understanding the guitar. Do you think I should get lessons, if so, I hhat learn from him.

Lessons are a lot of money. Judging by his knowledge of guitar techniques that I advise you to waste your money. free courses can be seen on YouTube, many of them are very good and I'm pretty sure most of them teach the pentatonic scales and the likes. you could buy a book at any music store or bookstore good to the library, which passes through the scales. their right to be illiterate, but when you really learn the scales and keys to play on your ability to write your own songs will skyrocket. also check gibson.com. Roth arlon especially education and I think going through the scales. I would not be so sure, but have a look as if now. I hope helped:)

lead guitar lessons