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guitar learn yourself
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Can you teach yourself the guitar and voice?

Hello all, I really want to learn guitar and sing, you can be in school for my talent show next year (but also for my own entertainment). I think that learning the guitar, I, frankly, they do not want to pay for classes. But when it comes to singing … Is it possible to practice a lot just to teach you? Or you have to take formal lessons? Thank you for the comments!

Almost all the singers to be heard in clubs and on radio that they have no voice training. The song is more about following your instincts a set of rules so that people improve with practice and try new things – By trial and error. I sang and played rhythm guitar in bands for many years without taking lessons. And most musicians I know are self-taught. If you are an avid music fan, you probably sing with everything we hear, anyway. While you can upgrade to point, you should not have to sing a lot of problems when playing the guitar. And if you love playing the guitar, is likely to be writing songs specifically for your own voice within a couple of years. Good luck!

guitar learn yourself