How To Play Guitar Backwards

how to play guitar backwards
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What happens to my guitar? (Part 2)?

Okay, so here's a hand, because I'm too lazy to write; _ylt = Aj71sUjURCyqkTdUJlTPbC_BFQx;. = 3? qid = 20090213200851AAbI3Aq _ylv well, basically i resoldered cable (incidentally, the two cables detached after I asked). everything seems solid, but I heard a noise while playing the guitar. Is this the same noise you get when you touch the end of the cable from your guitar with your fingers. I have that sound when i plug in my guitar, but you can still hear the guitar at the same time. In addition, Most of the time when I play, the sound is like if I play powerchords, or notes, go, but when the strings slower, I can hear the noise again. How do I fix this problem? Do you just return the cable? or think of something else? its an epi les paul standard effect. thank you! What is a solder joint dry?

You weld "Dry Joint" because no welding practice until he could do the same, practice in the work you try to fix … but the good news is that it is easy to fix if you just practice together again on something else for a while …

how to play guitar backwards

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