Learn Guitar Application

learn guitar application
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How lame and stuff not apply to a living playing the guitar for real?

Hello, my name Darpa, I play the guitar for more 3 years and my playing very well, but it does not sound as good or very good. I learned many techniques, licks, arpeggios, theory and many other things. But can not really apply these things to my real life playing. When someone asks to play or jam with a track, I can not play and apply those things to my game. it makes me very frustrated. I love my guitar and I want to be a professional guitarist. But without them, I know they can not. If one of you please help me how to overcome these things and how to implement effectively the effective implementation of these things the way I play, I'm very, very, very greatfull to him. Please help me. So if anyone can tell me how to practice and master "Declaration" concepts, please let me know and if anyone can provide a very effective "Guitar Practice Routine." Would you expect your valuable comments and help. Thank you.

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learn guitar application