Can Electric Guitar Play Without Amplifier

can electric guitar play without amplifier
Electric guitar basics lesson: How to use your amp tutorial

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"I can play the opening body of the guitar without an amplifier?

I have an amp, but I like the natural sound, in fact, I want buy an acoustic guitar / Electric has a good, but do not know if the hollow body guitars that sound very natural or not?

great guitars hollow body F-hole acoustic Wholley are strong enough. which were originally large (large – 17 "to 19" in the lower fight) so they can compete with the big band horns of a UN-amplified. Back in the day, which is stretched with ropes class medium or heavy (0.013 "or above) speaks of the power if you want something in this sense, there are some things to consider: .. I suggest one that has a shelf Solid wood. which were originally carved from a piece of wood 2 "thick or more, but these days the peaks of solid wood can be found that fold to form. Much less expensive (and some not so cheap) the use of laminated glass (plywood) tops that do not vibrate not as freely. it's not a bad thing, if you want to play electrically, and to help prevent feedback, but inhibits the acoustic sound. floating blocks and Control. If the pads and the buttons are mounted on the body of the guitar, he also inhibit the guitar top to vibrate, significantly cutting the volume and projection. Some guitars have a truck mounted on the end of the ground and the kicker mounted controls for precisely this reason. if you want connect to an amplifier, while retaining more natural sound acoustic archtop made a Fishman pickup that replaces Bridge (the link is below) which seems incredible. which is very different from the sound of a traditional magnetic pickup, that captures the sound alive. If you are looking to buy vintage, and Gibson, Epiphone, D'Angelico and Stromberg (oh so expensive), Vega makes great sounding instruments. especially his great great guitars. Artist Guild is often overlooked, but I played one that was better understood survey archtop. period. made a great noise tacoma archtop some time ago with a solid top. I wish I had one of those. it Some cool new guitars made by Eastman are solid wood, all acoustic, and very in-class research. link below. check the uptown show. and then there are the builders shop: Bendetto anderson, montelone. etc. can be expensive, but still there are bargains out there, especially since this style of guitar is not fashionable music players today.

can electric guitar play without amplifier