Christian Guitar Lessons

christian guitar lessons
Christian Guitar Chords – “How Great Is Our God”

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My guitar teacher will not continue to teach because I discovered that I am an atheist, I can do about it?

I recently become friends with my guitar teacher to Facebook, I learned casual and off campus altogether. With Facebook, you discovered I am an atheist, said he found me and has refused to continue with my classes. Before the incident that appeared to be a good person, I knew it was a Catholic (he was pretty obvious, because all the ornaments of the cross at home) What I can do about it? It is technically or discrimination (I know that atheism is a religion, but is a religious viewpoint) religious intolerance? Is I can do about it? "I can pursue? I should also note that the only thing I have to be an atheist Facebook is my point Religiously speaking, nothing more. Nothing "offensive" because my best friend is Catholic, among others. I also pay for the lessons.

I guess it's a private class and is not affiliated with any organization that can do nothing. It's simply a matter of preference personal. I guess I do not want your dirty money atheist.

christian guitar lessons

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