Air Guitar Play Station

air guitar play station
Epileptic Gaming #154 – Air Guitar

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Weird guitar question.?

Now I have my 15 w power amplifier connected to a wah-wah and distortion. Helmet. Guitar is When I have not plugged the guitar in position i look for the local radio station. Place the head in the air, nothing. Head down anything. Guitar radio when plugged in (it works well). Any explanations / theories?

It's actually very common. With practice amplifiers resume small radio frequencies. Sometimes when the guitar is plugged in, and sometimes not. There are two things you can do to solve this problem. You buy a better cable. Most people do not realize that there are differences in the cables. Metro offers cables wave or Mogami. Its cables entirely sheilded. Monster Cable you could do well, however, that add items the equation above leads to them. As a cable if it pure would be one of the other. In addition, the power. If you have the power sale in your area, too. You can get a Furman power conditioners or Monster power. The the entry of two clean energy, and therefore the signal. Hope that helps. Try these web sites / stores. stores or

air guitar play station