How To Play Guitar Hero On Pc

how to play guitar hero on pc
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Can Guitar Hero 3 PS3 controller work with the PC version of Guitar Hero 3?

My PS3 has recently obtained YLOD and really want to play my game Guitar Hero 3. I have Guitar Hero 3 PS3 Controller [USB] and software [the game] on my PC. I tried to use the guitar before the game, but I had to use a program like "JoyToKey" but he seemed to play with the whammy bar and other things … Can anyone recommend a software or driver for my PC to connect properly with my PS3 controller Guitar Hero 3? (Or maybe even very good tutorial on how to find work JoyToKey with it?) Some something that really works, please! Many thank you! = D

You do not need additional software to make it work. It Just plug your USB sperm, uh .. I mean USB Dongle (oh come on, that looks like a T hee sperm!) And press the PS button on the guitar. The software should install automatically (notifications in the taskbar). If not installed, then you should be able to do it manually via the Control hardware / Add (may vary slightly depending on the version of Windows) If you go to the drivers play in your control panel you should find the pilot and be able to test all the buttons in the properties. I'm not familiar with the PC GH3 as long as you have buttons on the Setup screen, then you should be able to assign the control buttons on the right buttons in the software. I've never done this, but I assure you, you can connect the guitar to your PC in the above method because I have. However, if, and I had a PC good enough to play Frets on Fire …

how to play guitar hero on pc