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teach yourself to play guitar free download
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Like many who aspire to learn to play guitar, my research on competition has been many twists and turns. I considered the possibility of official rates to $ 30 an hour. Although this method seems to be the best, is costly and requires long term commitment. In addition, due to my busy schedule he was unable to commit to a timetable. I Bought the latest books, videos and software online. Using each of these different delivery methods learned a little, and I'm able to play many basic questions about the guitar. The aim of this paper is to share my thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of each method mentioned above. These views are based on my experiences and frustrations on my way to learn to play guitar. So let's get started!

My love story guitar began about 12 to 15 years. I listened to BB King and was captivated by the sounds coming out of Lucille. I knew I would not like more than sitting at home and play these songs all night awesome! I thought it would be great to play the blues for sick some of my friends in my very common (and often drunk!) Shares. So I started looking for information on how to learn to play guitar. The Internet was not so full information as it is today (And I did not have a PC at my disposal), so I went to the bookstore and bought few books. These books have a good basic history of the guitar and a brief introduction to music theory. When you try to learn to play, problems have occurred since the beginning.

The first edition was to tune the guitar! Instructions were to use a piano tuning. I have no one to suspect that few people do today. The pitch is a pain and I think my first few months of learning is performed with a guitar tune. The next question was the position of the hands and fingers. Six lines and a black box way to show how bad place fingers. Even if you have no problem with that, the dynamic nature of the guitar is hard to illustrate on paper. The following question was reading music. Has been presented in a very difficult and annoying. How do I know that I was playing the right notes? The big problem with the method of book to me a lack of step by step visual instructions that showed me how his fingers worked together, and how the notes (and words) is supposed to sound. Years later, books on learning the guitar comes with CD. It was a big improvement and help. Tuning was much easier, and I could hear what I had learned songs is supposed to sound. However, many problems remained. I think books are not the best delivery method for learning to play guitar.

Then came video. This medium was leaps better than the books he had purchased. I could see and hear what the instructor was teaching. The adjustment was even easier than before. closeups video shed light on many of my previous questions about the position of the hand and the dynamic nature of the guitar. I was able to copy the instructor and plays some cool tunes. I used the rewind function hundreds of times to reproduce something that was lost or had problems. There was limits very painful Although this method. The first was the boredom. You can save on the same tape to see the same thing several times. After losing interest. The next problem was it really only learned to play the songs that are on tape for 60 minutes. You never (or at least not very well) give them tools to play other songs. That was very limiting for me. The last question was the camera angles, real videos. The shots were often too far away or bad angle so you can see exactly what the instructor was doing. This was frustrating for me.

We therefore my preferred method: software online! Today, the Internet gives us the opportunity download full courses that allow you to learn to play guitar in the comfort of your home. Some of these courses are instructions you can use multimedia technology to maximum effect. One of these courses is Jamorama. This course teaches the user to TAB, and how to play songs ear. It draws thousands of TAB songs available for free on the Internet. The price is about what you would pay for an hour of instruction, or what you pay for two good books to learn to play guitar. This course goes beyond the lack of books and videos, as it is dynamic. There are games that teach them to learn from menial tasks and tedious to read and transcribe music. There are over 148 videos that show you step by step how to play songs. One of the most interesting things is that Jamorama also has 26 tracks to play. In fact, you can turn the guitar track and play with drummer and bassist. It is a great improvement over other methods. The main advantage of this method and with this course in particular is it is interactive!

What are falls? Because these methods are attracting a wide audience interest with many different styles music, there are many songs that does not appeal to me. Personally I have no interest in Nirvana, Van Halen or a multitude of bands / Singers always in such courses. Much of the content is not only interesting and is therefore part of the wealth of information is often wasted. I still believe the software online is the best way to go to learn to play guitar. The interactive benefits are excellent. It is also a convenient way to learn!

teach yourself to play guitar free download