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learn to play guitar videos
Learn How To Play Guitar Series Lesson 3

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Can you really learn to play guitar from a video and an instruction manual?

Or is it better to pay for guitar lessons? O both? I just bought a guitar and I really want to learn.

if they really desire to learn to play, and you notice that after the start can not stop playing, even if his fingers are on the primary pain, then yes, absolutely, you can learn with a book and videos of guitar teachers often only teach chords and songs .. you can learn from the videos go for it, honestly it depends if you have a passion for it or not. if you find you have a passion, nothing stops and you learn. if it's just another thing that seems cool to do, then stop and will not learn, no matter how many lessons you (word of advice) – its much more productive, even in practice only 15 minutes a day to ignore a week and play for 3 hours … which is practiced almost every day or may never learn, but the truth

learn to play guitar videos