Learn How To Play Guitar Youtube

learn how to play guitar youtube

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How long does it take to learn the guitar on youtube?

Now I can play piano and can read music fairly well, and I was wondering How long does it take to learn?

Depends how much time you invest and how to participate / are you interested in playing the instrument. As I said, I will say that it could be a quick learning, taking into account what he has learned of another instrument. But remember the guitar is not that different from piano. YouTube, playing music really does not matter much. You must learn the tabs and the coordination of the fingers. So where are all the fingers touching D7? Stuff like that. Then you must master the songs and parts. My friend started playing guitar at a early age. Six years later, he is very good. You can play acoustic and electric (but I think he prefers electric?). With practice and determination, I'd say it'll take a few months to one year base upside down and actually start playing the songs / pieces. I guess if: D

learn how to play guitar youtube