Best Way To Learn Guitar Modes

best way to learn guitar modes
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What is the best way to learn and difficult guitar hero expert mode?

I can play half well, but I can not even drive or experts. I can play the notes of orange, but after that I was confused and my fingers are not in the right place later. I'm gonna strike like red instead of having touched a note orange-yellow. Strutter I can play almost perfect record. is the only song

What I did learn to play hard (not to 'Have the expert) has always been a note of orange appears I just changed my whole hand through one of the key Pinkey is my now my finger is orange and red. Just play well until it turns green, then again. Many songs separate is used for oranges that are used by giving him time to return. In addition, if the fingers become disoriented, I hit the yellow button line and the rest of the fingers upward. One last tip. Keep your fingers! Stay close to the guitar and almost always at rest in a button as well. This will make it easier to push the buttons just remember to hand, without fingers reach.

best way to learn guitar modes