Learn How To Play Guitar Country Music

learn how to play guitar country music
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How can I learn to play guitar?

I'm 23, I have no knowledge of music and musical instruments. I To learn more about music and musical instruments, but only as a form of relaxation. I think learning to play guitar, and perhaps will not not very complicated in both musical concepts. How can I learn to play guitar (or another instrument?? I do not know)? What should I buy the guitar: classical, acoustic or electric? I want one of $ 100-150, and I want a new, no e-bay, because in my country not to use e-bay. Can you give me advice (Good advice from people who know better than I ?…), or perhaps you think I'm crazy when I think of this thing? Thank you! PS: I do not want to start a band, I play for me .. and maybe impress a girl or something … creepy hehe, just kidding, it's a good joke?

1. Save money buying an acoustic guitar. 2. Buy a book that covers all the guitar chords and scales you need to know about learning and playing with practice. 3. Learn to play guitar by ear. Listen favorite songs on guitar (mostly rock and funk) and try to find the notes of the hearing. You will not be perfect overnight. But you'll have lots of fun hearing every detail of the music itself.

learn how to play guitar country music

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