How To Play Guitar Butterfly Fly Away

how to play guitar butterfly fly away
Guitar Tutorial-“Butterfly Fly Away” by Miley Cyrus!

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WHat type of guitar does Miley Cyrus use when she sings “Butterfly Fly Away”? 10 pts best answer!?

I was thinking to buy a guitar and to learn how to play it. I really love the way Miley Cyrus’s sound in the Hannah Montana movie. What kind of guitar does she use when she sings “Butterfly Fly Away”?
I apreciate all answers 🙂
10 points for best answer

Uhmm, i think she customized hers because it doesn’t show up on a website;
but the closest you can find is a Gibson CJ-165 Maple Acoustic-Electric Guitar.
here’s the link to it in guitar center:
the color she has is Vintage Starburt, which you have to custom order.
I love her guitar, too! i really wanted to get it, but it was too expensive D:
hehe, x)
also, if you look at it in black :
^ that’s the EXACT same one she used in the episode “He Could Be the One”

Hope this helps~

how to play guitar butterfly fly away