Basic Guitar Learning Guide

basic guitar learning guide
Basic guitar lessons for beginners | easy way to learn to play guitar | Jamorama Product Guide

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What guitar to buy for a student?

Hello, Well firstly I have no ideas about guitar at all. I I always wanted to play recently downloaded Garage Band private guitar lessons in my MacBook. So I wanted to buy a guitar to learn. My requirement basic learning. While I was looking for a basic guitar instead of not very high fidelity … I saw some in, but I do really know what brand to buy what little they buy? So before you go to market, is it is what leads me to find .. I am from Mumbai … Thank you After reviewing the answers … I should add that I want to play soft music and songs of Bollywood … I probably will not go to an electric guitar … Acoustics is the path for me .. My budget is around 3k-4k … Yeah I'll bring a friend, but is best known brands in advance … 😉

Mumbai is an important city, but it really depends on what the guitars are available and how to sit on their hands. So important is the style of music to play. It would be wrong to try an electric motor if a) you have no amplifier, and b) you want to play acoustic music. The same applies if you buy an acoustic guitar, but to dance to hard rock. Your best bet is to take along a friend who knows something about guitars and can explain things to you if there is no store available. More importantly, when you are in the music store, take the instrument and get a feel for it. The guitars are different for each person and what might work for someone else may not work at all for you. Good luck!

basic guitar learning guide

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