Acoustic Guitar Player Magazine

acoustic guitar player magazine
Those Who Wait acoustic guitar cover – Tommy Emmanuel

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which is better Guitar World magazine guitar or guitarist?

Hello, I was wondering between 2 guitar magazines around the world and the player. I can play on All rock and metal, but I also love and want to learn more about the blues and classical and acoustic material y. I have read before and I can not decide. Gutiar world is the guitarist of rock / metal at all, but I just read a page or two to rock / metal and a lot 4 blues and classical. What if best? and speaking of gear, but no wats new negotiations, but to offer opinions? and not until I read about it There was a further one-page page 4 of rock / metal or are no longer 4 pages of rock / metal. thanks

are the two major magazines, both have much good information. I read mostly the guitar

acoustic guitar player magazine