How To Play Guitar Hurt

how to play guitar hurt
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how to not make your fingers hurt while playing the guitar?

when i play my electric guitar, my fingers hurt while i’m pressing the frets (strings) down. how do i play so it won’t hurt. is there any thing i could wear or something?

Everyone is right when they tell you that you must develop callouses if you’re going to play guitar. However, if your fingers really hurt, and you MUST keep playing (for whatever reason) I do have a rather extreme solution. I remember how frustrating it was to really want to play and not be able to finish what you’re working on simply because you feel like your fingers will fall off.

Again, this solution is extreme, but I promise it works. I’ve done it.

You need to get some crazy glue. They sell it in a bottle that has a brush applicator. If you are familiar with crazy glue then you know how difficult it is to get off your hands. That’s why i’m emphasizing that this is an extreme solution. But if you are desperate I promise this method will completely resolve your pain problems.

Here’s how to apply the crazy glue:

Brush a relatively thick amount on your fingertips and dry your fingers under a hairdryer (DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FINGERS TOGETHER UNTIL DRY!) and you will feel less pain. Not so fast though, you’re not finished yet! Crazy glue is rather slippery on the strings and it will wear down and become powdery. It also doesn’t completely eliminate the pain. Hot glue actually works much better. The problem is, hot glue doesn’t stick to your fingers and, more importantly, it’s hot! Not to worry though, hot glue WILL stick to the crazy glue that you’ve already got on your fingers, and the crazy glue will also make it much less painful to apply (kind of like hot wax).

Here’s how you apply the hot glue:

Please be careful!! I suggest you do it near a sink so you can run it under water if they get a little too hot. I would feel awful if you get burned. It didn’t hurt me, but I’m the type of guy who’s crazy enough to be my own guinea pig.

Anyway, Get an old magazine. Apply the glue tip directly to the magazine and swirl it around while gently squeezing the trigger. This cools the glue off a bit and makes it so that you don’t end up with a giant glob on your fingers. Now just dip your finger into the circle for a second and make sure it completely covers the crazy glued part of your fingertip. The idea is to get a relatively thin coat, if possible.

You’ll find that the hot glue will last, has unbelievable grip on the strings, and can actually be removed rather easy by peeling it off of the crazy glue.

Obviously, the downside to this method is that you’ll have a lot of trouble getting the crazy glue off.

So, I guess the question is, how bad does it hurt, and how bad do you need to keep practicing? If it’s important, then this method will completely eliminate your pain.

**note** I’m sure it’s possible that crazy glue could be harmful to your skin. Obviously, I’m not a doctor. Perhaps you should research the risks of allergies and whatnot before trying this method.

**update – scratch most of what i said above. Just take a hot glue stick (no gun) and use a lighter to slightly melt the glue. Then wipe a small, evenly spaced amount on your fingertips. You might need to peel it off and reapply every now and then, but it’s a lot easier than all that nonsense above. Again, do it near a sink in case you heat the glue up too much.

how to play guitar hurt

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