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Willy Deville


Willy DeVille Borsey William Paul Jr. was born in Stamford, Connecticut. The son of a Carpenter grew up in the Belltown neighborhood of the working class in Stamford. Her maternal grandmother was a Pequot, and he was also Basque descent and Irish. As he says, "A little of this and a little of that;. A real dog of the street," DeVille said about Stamford, "post-industrial Everyone worked in factories. you know. I'm not. I should not. Stamford People do not go too far. It is a place where he died. "DeVille said about his early musical tastes, I still remember listening to groups like the Drifters. It was magic, no drama, and hypnotize me. "

DeVille leaving school high school and began attending the New York Lower East Side and the West Village. "It seemed that I just spend time outdoors. I always wanted to play music but nobody really time spent together. There were psychedelic bands, but it was not mine. "During this period, interest accrued guitarists DeVille Blues Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and, especially, John Hammond. "I think I owe much of my look, my image on stage and my voice riffs of John Hammond. Love my music stand is John, "DeVille said. He credits Hammond 1965 album So Many Roads" change my life. "

As a teenager, playing with friends DeVille Stamford in a blues band called Billy and children, and later in another group called the Immaculate Conception.

At the age of 17, he married Susan "Toots" Berle, had a son named Sean in 1970. DeVille hit in 1971 to London in search of music related ("Clearly the U.S. with my hair Pompadour"), but failed finding them, returned to New York after an absence of two years.

His next group, The Royal pythons ("A group that became a musical group) failed either. DeVille said:

I decided to go to San Francisco, there was nothing really happens in New York. Flower Power was dead. All Day-Glo paint was peeling from the wall. The People were speed shooting. I mean, it was real Night of the Living Dead. So I bought a truck and head west. I traveled the country for a couple of years, looking for musicians who had the heart, instead of playing guitar solos of 20 minutes is pure ego.

Mink DeVille years

For a complete history of this group, see Mink DeVille.

Louis X. Erlanger (Left) and Willy DeVille of Mink DeVille in 1977.

In 1973, DeVille has lived in a cold water flat in Oakland, California and San Francisco playing in a band that would become Mink DeVille. "We played the leather bars down on Folsom Street," he recalled. "We were Billy Marquis de Sade and then. We played the barracks. After a while they take off their clothes. This dance is called Satin guyesus himselfe'd table Billiards. It was crazy! Crazy! "

The group changed its name Mink DeVille in 1974, William took the name Borsey Willy DeVille. In 1975, he persuaded DeVille members of the band to try his luck in New York. "I conned the guys in the belief that if we returned to New York I could go to work because the city and knew the ropes of How Stuff Works, it spreads. "In New York, who hired the guitarist Louis X. Erlanger, who helped sensitivity to blue to form the band's sound.

Mink DeVille became one of the original house bands at CBGB, the box Night in New York, birthplace of punk rock in mid-1970. "We played (at CBGB) for three years …. [D] uring the time they are not paid more fifty dollars overnight, "said.DeVille DeVille that had bitter memories of CBGB. played no benefit concerts and recordings of the club. He told Music Street Journal "All the group has received only $ 50 per night until the end. So I never went back there. I never through the doors that are not maybe a beer once. I was in New Orleans and I came here, a kind of Down Memory Lane, so to speak. Bowery finished in there and thought, "Let's see what happens here. "Beat (at CBGB) and saw Hilly (Hilly Kristal) standing. I had a big straw hat, dress silk. He bought me a beer and was about "Would you return?" I said, 'No, Hilly and know WNY? Because I've never been treated well. They have never been good to me "(Olma, Greg (2006)" Interview with Willy DeVille " on Music Street Journal) said jump in the dark. "Looking further ahead and play there (in CGBG) because of the" good old days "and to know that it's not for me. It is for those who want to go there and say I was there, or Lou Reed sunglasses or things themselves. "The group seems to live at CBGB's (1976), a compilation album of bands that played at CBGB.

Not the Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, Talking Heads, and us. We were the big five zero. And then one night the blonde head came to CBGB, Ben Edmonds (a man from A & R Capitol Records, and a former editor of Creem). He was the man who has the responsibility of being the visionary who saw that were different what they were and she would probably career as a music player. So we went into this little studio and cheap four songs, which gave Edmonds Jack Nitzsche. I do not even know he was Nitzsche. Nitzsche made everything from Phil Spector, who grew up with and loved. Everything fell in love with another. We were friends until the end. It was like my uncle mad. I called my mentor and tormentor.

In December 1976, Ben Edmonds signed the band a contract with Capitol Records. Edmonds wrote:

When Mink DeVille is onstage (at CBGB) and tore into "Let Me Dream if I want", followed by another embarrassment called "It is so difficult," I had. These five guys … were obviously part of the new energy, but I was immediately reconnected to rock & roll together I liked the most: the Rolling Stones in the early blues, Van Morrison … scenarios Underground The Velvet Underground, Dylan folk-rock inflections, the anguish of Little Willie John, and about 45 billion years old flea market. On top of that seemed to contain all the flavors of her headquarters in New York Spanish accent to reggae spice.

Work with Jack Nitzsche

In January 1977, Mink DeVille released their first album Cabretta, produced by Jack Nitzsche. Nitzsche, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, could produce three albums by Mink DeVille. Nitzsche said About DeVille, "We get immediately. Willy took his record collection, he began to touch things, it was. I thought, 'Shit! this guy has taste! "Nitzsche was a Perfect fit Willy DeVille, whose tastes ran to the Brill Building sound Nitzsche and Phil Spector pioneered in the 1960s. DeVille said, "You hear that music and you hear the strings and percussion, castanets, is all this work (Jack Nitzsche) of Jack. All these things really great. "

Cabretta, spicy, multifaceted album of soul, R & B, rock and blues recordings, was selected number 57 in 1977, the Village Voice Jazz & Pop Poll critical, "a single from the album, Panish Tour has been a top 20 hit in the United States of America. The next group album Return to Magenta (1978), continued in the same line as Cabretta, but with a torsion. "We were on the ropes in the first albumecided must be pure and simple, crude and rude. "Return to Magenta, Willy DeVille, Steve Douglas producers Nitzsche and luxury chain arrangements used on several songs.

The Blue Cat

"For the outside world "

Excerpt from "the word" one of three co-written songs with Doc Pomus DeVille Le Chat Blue.

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For the next album Mink DeVille Le Chat Bleu (1980), Willy DeVille wrote several songs with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Doc Pomus. Guitarist Louis X. Erlanger became Pomus known while attending the New York club, blues and urged Pomus To see the group. Alex Halberstadt writes, biographer of Pomus:

One night, Doc's Pub Crawl took him to the bottom line as a block east of Washington Square Park (New York). He sat at his usual table and saw a light vacuum. Cigarette smoke hung in the shaft of light from off stage, while the saxophonist blew Earle Hagen "Harlem Nocturne". DeVille left wing and took the microphone. With his mustache, which seemed pedantic cut a cross between a bullfighter and a pimp Puerto Rico. Slinky black dress clinging to her slim body, wearing a purple shirt, black tie and boots almost six inches points. A Pompadour projecting from its forehead like the hull of a submarine painted. The show was the most touching Doc had seen in years. Willy onstage band, Mink DeVille, had nothing in common with the New Wave group that the press had CBGB clustered. Unlike television, the Ramones, Blondie, Mink DeVille is at the bottom a group R & B, soul and old school singer Willy. Borrowed much of his phrasing of Ben E. King and I could not believe when someone told him that Doc Pomus wanted to meet him after the show. "You mean the guy who wrote Save the Last Dance for Me"? " It was even more surprised when the Doc asked if I wanted to write. "Look. I'm in the book, "Doc shouted before pulling away (in her wheelchair.)

DeVille said about his first meeting: "Now here I am 29, a writer, doing well and they asked me if I want to write songs with a man who helped lay the groundwork for the music he loved to sit at the kitchen table of my mother when I was only seven years. You gotta be kidding! Rolling Stone Critics Poll named Le Chat Bleu fifth best album of 1980, the historian Glenn A. Baker Music stated that the tenth best rock album of all time. Among the founding members of Mink DeVille, Willy and only guitarist Louis X. Erlanger played on the album. It was recorded in Paris. DeVille said, "I wanted to record the album in Paris … because they wanted desperately to use Jean-Claude Petit, who I contacted by Dumont dith Piaf composer, Charles, string arrangements … The group with me was a dream come true. I horn players Phil Spector, Steve Douglas (who also served as producer), tenor and baritone. rhythm section from Elvis Presley, Jerry Scheff and Ron Tutt, want to play me. Wow! That's great! Doc Pomus composition. Not to mention Jean-Claude over the ropes. How can I go wrong, "writes Alex Halberstadt:

(Willy DeVille) has created an album that sounds like nothing that had come before … It is clear that Willy had done his dream of a new record, very contemporary Brill Building. For the sweet symphony of Drifters, added his own Gallic romance in his voice, a measure punk rock grain Bowery. Doc (Pomus) was delighted when he heard. Thinking he had signed a band of New Wave, the Capitol does not know what to do with rock and roll song Willy bypassed by one year. When he was finally released in 1980, Le Chat Bleu remixed by Joel Dorn, almost all critics of the list the best albums of the year.

Kenny Margolis, an old friend Willy DeVille, who played the accordion and keyboards at Le Chat Bleu said, "U.S. Capitol did not know what to do with Le Chat Bleu because they perceived as Willy punk rock CBGB and returned to Paris with a very different kind of recording. They do not understand the registration, but is understood in Europe. Immediately launched in Europe and throughout the world loved it. "It says something about the state of the American record of Upper businessomething pathetic and Willy DeVille depressinghat a deaf ear on Capitol Hill, "wrote Kurt Loder of Rolling Stone. Capitol Records released an album in Europe alone. The Blue Cat sold well in Europe and the United States as an import. Capitol finally released in the United Kingdom the United States in 1981.

The Atlantic Albums

"Willy had found a more conscious home at Atlantic Records, Ahmet, where man's head Ertegn hired him to record a new album of the fat and committed themselves personally shepherd your career …", Rolling Stone magazine reported in 1980. "According to let false modesty interfere Willyever with a good president storyhe Atlantic Records said: "You have the look, performance, writing, you know exactly what to do. "

DeVille continued recording and touring under the name Mink DeVille. "These guys have been through the wars with me, the bar $ 50 night and had to turn and cut their heads and say, 'I love you man, but that is how I must be. "I always feel guilty about this, but we were just a bar band. That's all we were. Not ready to make great rock and roll. "

The critic Robert Palmer wrote in 1981:

Mr. DeVille career never took off, despite the extent and the impressive depth of his talent. He recorded a new album for Atlantic Records, after leaving his previous recording commitment in circumstances hostile. And last Friday night, I went to the Savoy, where he demonstrated with almost insolent ease that is always ready to recognize it must have been his for many years. It has the songs, he has the voice, and he has the tape. And he has expanded his music by adding elements of coffee and French songs zydeco from Louisiana to the mix of rock, blues, Latin and Brill Building soul was already there.

DeVille said:

I've had gang problems, management problems, the record company. And yes, I had problems with drugs. I finally got a new recording contract with Atlantic, and a new manager. I cleaned up my act. I thought that since playing music with people I was friends with do not seem to work, I would like to hire mercenaries, cats who just wanted to play and be paid. And children were found to be more dedicated to music than any band I had. They are professional, precise, but is full of fire, too. "

DeVille has recorded two albums on Atlantic, 1981 Thanks to (produced by Jack Nitzsche) and Coup in 1983 Where Angels Fear to Tread. Both albums feature the saxophonist Luis Cortelezzi and had a full-throated sound that evokes Jersey Shore Bruce Springsteen Southside Johnny. Thom Jurek wrote on Coup of Grace: "The soundtrack combined with the timeless production style Nitzsche, who, with that voice to create a pure rock and roll noise that even Bruce Springsteen in 1981, "Jurek wrote about Where Angels Fear to Tread.:

DeVille and his band were burning through the pages of the history of rock and R & B (there are a couple of doo-wop and the courts of New Orleans flavor as well) with raw arrogance and amazing musicality. Why does not understand and George Thorogood and Southside Johnny (briefly) did is a mystery that historians will be until 1980 to find out.

DeVille albums recorded in the Atlantic are well sold in Europe but not in the United States. Kenny Margolis said, who played piano and accordion bands DeVille early 1980, "I do not think the American public had the opportunity to experience, because in the set, when MTV was telling you what you want. MTV Europe did not at that time and were very open to different music. "DeVille said about her years with Atlantic Records' Ahmet Ertegn and I are over, but never does anything."

Sportin 'Life

In 1985, DeVille recorded Sportin 'Life, for Polydor. As he did in Le Chat Bleu DeVille wrote some songs with the Rock n Roll Hall 'Fame member Doc Pomus. The album was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama with DeVille production and Duncan Cameron. Italian shoes for the song was a hit in Europe, but some critics thought the album was produced in excess. Allmusic wrote: "Their sound is full of light and mid-80s studies often exceeds the compression quality materials. "However, David Wild of Rolling Stone praised Sportin 'Life, which he described as "[t] he majority of modern sound polite (Willy DeVille) career … driven to the scene, DeVille book, singing with more passion and more personality than ever. "

In 1986, DeVille has filed for bankruptcy under the bill called "a major restructuring of his career." He pulled his staff and Michael Barnett announced that he would "put to bed Mink DeVille" and start a solo career.

"Storybook Love" collaboration with Mark Knopfler

Although Willy DeVille has been recording and touring for ten years under the name Mink DeVille, any member of his original band had recorded and toured with him since 1980 at Le Chat Bleu. Starting in 1987 with the album Miracle, DeVille began recording and touring with his own name. He told an interviewer, "Ten years with the band Mink DeVille was enough for everyone to call me mink. I it was time to get the name right. "

"Storybook Love"

Performances of "Storybook Love" was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song in 1987.

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DeVille Miracle recorded in London with Mark Knopfler, guitarist the group Dire Straits, who acts as his companion and producer. He said: "It was Mark (Knopfler) wife Lourdes had the idea (to save Miracle) She told him not to sing like Willy. and did not play guitar like you, but I really like it so why do not you make an album together? "" Storybook Love, "a song Miracle and the theme from The Princess Bride, was nominated for an Oscar in 1987, DeVille performed the song at the Academy transmission prices this year.

ear Knopfler ("Storybook Love") and asked me if I knew on the film he was doing. Rob Reiner was a movie about a princess and a prince. The song was on the same topic as the film, so I submitted to Reiner and loved it. About six or seven months later, I was half asleep when the phone rang. It was the Academy Arts and Sciences with the whole speech. I hung up on them! He turned to call and Lisa (his wife) answered the phone. It is came to tell who was nominated for "Storybook Love." It's pretty wild. Is not that Grammy Academy, which is different for a musician. Before I knew it was happening at the awards ceremony with Little Richard. It was the year of "Dirty Dancing", and won.

New Orleans

In 1988, DeVille relocated to New York to New Orleans, where he found a spiritual home. "I was surprised, "he said in an interview in 1993. . "I felt that I was leaving the house is very strange … I live in the French Quarter, two blocks House of Bourbon Street at night when I go to bed, I hear boogie from the street and in the morning when I wake up, listen to the blues. "

In 1990, Victoria DeVille is a mixture, a tribute album to New Orleans classic soul and R & B recorded with some of the original composers. The album was recorded without the use of editing or dubbing audio to capture the spirit of the original recordings.

I have all the original guys to get in, like Earl King, Dr. John and Eddie Bo. Allen Toussaint played piano side. I brought in the rhythm section The Meters in some sections. We call it the "little" record. It's funny because I was just trying to get that money songwriters, because they all started in 1950 and 1960. Everyone was fascinated, and Dr. John (who had played on the album back DeVille DeVille 1978 to Magenta and knew of their association with Doc Pomus) persuaded not be fooled by this white boy from the north. That's when I became a local here in New Orleans. We were all happy with it. We recorded the way it was originally made at the time. Is it live without overdubs everywhere no digital, no editing. We played the song several times and not to take the best photo, which was the most natural. Documents are in Orleans Fnac. I am very proud of that.

The victory was the mix recorded for a small independent label, Documents Orleans, where he allowed to Sky Ranch (FNAC music) in France. "He has sold over 100,000 units in Europe quicklyur very first gold record," said Carlo Ditta, Orleans Records founder and producer of Victory mixture.

In the summer of 1992, DeVille touring Europe with Dr. John, Johnny Adams, Zachary Richard, and the Wild Magnolias as part of its "New Orleans Revue" tour. "The Voyage, the buses and airplanes and homes should be among the worst I have known … but the shows themselves were great. At the end of each show that Mardi Gras we throw lines to the public, you know pearl necklaces, purple and gold, and had never seen anything like it and loved it. "

Recording in Los Angeles

In 1992, registered DeVille Backstreets of desire, the first of four albums that record in Los Angeles with producer John Philip Shenale. "I say that whenever I record in Los Angeles that I never will, and I realize that … It crazy. I just record and go to the hotel, and never leave, then back in the studio. I hate LA is the worst. I think that their children eat. I never see any children. It is unfortunate that no study more in New Orleans. "Although DeVille complained of having to record in Los Angeles, the record in this city brought him into contact with many talented musicians Latin helped shape his distinctive sound Hispanic. To Backstreets of Desire, which was joined by David Hidalgo of Los Lobos Efrain Toro, Mariachi Los Camperos, and Jimmy Zavala, and New Orleans musicians Dr. John and Zachary Richard and Los Angeles musicians Jeff Baxter, Freebo, Jim Gilstrap, and Brian Ray. Allmusic said about the album:

Willy DeVille Backstreets of Desire is like a masterpiece, both as singer and composer. DeVille high reputation in Paris kept him afloat to achieve this album … With appearances by Dr. John Zachary Richard and David Hidalgo, DeVille creates a tapestry of roots rock line of the Crescent City in the second place, traces of doo-wop 50s, elegant and expansive views of the Spanish soul ballads, with lyrics full of broken heroes, lovers of hunger, and wise men trying to leave the street. sound of the album balances Creole soul and pure rock pyrotechnics. DeVille sounds like a man resurrected dig as deep as the cavernous recesses of the human heart.

"Hey Joe"

DeVille Mariachi agrees to "Hey Joe". The song was an international hit in Europe in 1992.

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Backstreets of Desire includes a new version of Jimi Hendrix y mariachi standard Joe was success in Europe, reaching number one in Spain and France. DeVille said about "Hey Joe", "The song is from the border area between Texas and Mexico … [T] hey called Texico tried. instead of making something that sounded like Jimi Hendrix, who was a cliche, I tried to make the song the way it was originally must have sounded, it would be with mariachis. It is classic, but is classic with a twist. A little different. Put some pachuco slang speaks Canal Street. I added some verses of mine. "Backstreets of Desire was published United States in 1994 on Rhino Records seal later.

Continued success in Europe

In 1984 he married his second wife DeVille, Lisa Leggett, which proved to be an entrepreneur advised. Based on his success on tour and album sales in Europe, bought a horse farm, the House of Dreams, in Picayune, Mississippi and started living there, and in his apartment and a studio in the French Quarter of New Orleans. DeVille said in a 1996 interview: "I finally had a plantation … I just bought this house and 11 acres (45,000 m2) It looks a bit like Graceland … I entered and my horses. woman is on them. We are raising horses bullfighting Spanish and Portuguese. The line is 2000 years. It plays, but I love riding. I also have five dogs, four cats and a partridge in a pear tree. "

DeVille has not had a recording contract with an American label in the mid-1990s. His next two albums, Willy DeVille Live (1993) and Big Easy Fantasy (1995), were recorded in Fnac Music, a French label. Willy DeVille live was a number one in Spain. Big Easy Fantasy presents live recordings of the band Mink DeVille played with New Orleans legend Eddie Bo and The Wild Magnolias and remixes meetings mixture Victoria.

DeVille said: "I was angry and I do not have a record of some years. At that time, I do not want. I got very shy weapons on the labels. I played in Europe and did well without. To reach this stage of his mind, people are starting to come around. It is quite strange to see how this happens. "

In 1995, he returned to Los Angeles for Werewolf record again with producer John Philip Shenale. Musician, said about the album: "Wolf Garou is subtle nuances, but impressive in its scope, it connects the dots between all the sacred artist influences, often within a single song … It is in silver from the heart … "Loup Garou featuring a duet with Brenda Lee DeVille, said." I did not know hell who I was, I thought his call, played the song for her, and she loved it. company had people call me, and was reported to be big in Europe and has recorded more than twenty years. So I flew to Nashville [to record with it] … This must go in my book as one of the most memorable experiences of my career. "

The cover shows DeVille Loup Garou turn-of-keeping century New Orleans posing on a street corner in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Include voodoo chants and a song subtitled "Vampire Lullaby. "Singer was completely immersed in the culture of New Orleans. Percussionist Boris Kinberg, a former member of the band Mink DeVille, has declared on the steps of Willy DeVille career:

In my opinion, there were three great epochs. First was the Lower East Side, thin shirt tie, purple, West Side Story, Puerto Rico vibrates gang of sharks. Then transmuted into the drive rogue ship plantation in Mississippi, as Rhett Butler in which he adapted costumes, and really got into the period and the clothes and just totally immersed in New Orleans, not present New Orleans, but New Orleans in 1880 and 1890she drinking absinthe, voodoo in New Orleans. He completely immersed in it. Then she left New Orleans and moved southwest and became like the second coming of Black Elk.

Before moving to the southwest in 2000, DeVille recorded horse of a different color in Memphis. The album of 1999, produced by Jim Dickinson, includes a song by the chain gangs, a cover of Fred McDowell "Go on the hill" and a cover of Andre Williams "Bacon". Allmusic said about the album, " In other words, no one has this range or depth in the interpretation not only styles but also poetic almost any set of letters. DeVille did everything he sings believable. "Horse of another color" is the band's most cohesive and brilliant in the long term Willy DeVille. "Horse of a different color was the first album since 1987's Miracle Willy DeVille, which will be launched simultaneously in Europe and the United States. His last was released five albums for the first time in Europe and resumed later, if they were collected at all, by American labels.

Epiphany southwest

Willy DeVille conducted in 2004.

In 2000, DeVille had been cured of their addiction than two decades of life of heroin. He moved to Cerrillos Hills, New Mexico, where he produced and played on an album, Blue Love Monkey Nafey with Rick, a friend of his youth in Connecticut who had played in the first band DeVille, Billy and children, and pythons Royal. In New Mexico, his wife Lisa DeVille committed suicide by hanging, DeVille found his body. He said:

I had a car accident because I have a crazy. I think it was a bit mocking death, because someone I loved died. And I found them. That's what the lyrics of this song means ("It hurts me even since the reduction of activity" [from "Dark Side of Town" in the Crow Jane Alley]). They cut. The next thing you know police see, I cried … I was in love with another woman and they were in difficult times, and got into the car and I wanted to go over the cliff. I was in the mountains of New Mexico … They came around the corner from the head. Do you know how great Dodge Ram truck? I broke my arm in three parts and my left knee on the dashboard … It has been a bone … I was on crutches and a cane for about three years and I could not go somewhere or do something. I was screwed. I was ready to scrap.

"I guess I was testing the waters to see if I wanted to live through it," DeVille told another interviewer. "It was stupid, stupid to do that. "For the next five years, DeVille walked with a cane and perform sitting on a stool until it has undergone a hip replacement in 2006.

DeVille stay in the south-west has aroused his interest in their indigenous heritage. On the cover of their next album, 2002 Acoustic Trio Live in Berlin, recorded to celebrate 25 years of driving, DeVille had long hair. He began Native use of clothing and jewelry on stage. In 2004, DeVille returned to Los Angeles to save Crow Jane Alley, his third album with producer John Philip Shenale. The album continued his explorations of his Spanish-American and also many prominent musicians in Los Angeles Latin. On the cover, wearing a cap DeVille Amerindians and chest. Richard Marcus, said of the album, Crow Jane Alley is the work of an artist who, after 30 years longer with the company still has the capacity to surprise and delight listeners. Listening to this record only confirms that Willy DeVille is a major have been ignored for too long. "

Back in New York

After having lived for 15 years in New Orleans and south-west, returned DeVille New York in 2003 where he settled with Nina Lagerwall, his third wife. He continued his tour through Europe, often playing in music festivals in the summer.

The day Mardi Gras in 2008, Pistol, DeVille album sixteenth, was released. Independent Music, said about the album: "(Willy DeVille) has never been more artistically potent than the gun, facing the demons of his past, with an impressive lyrical honesty and imagination unexpected musical diversity. "

Life Style

Willy DeVille has been married to the Susan Berle end of 1970 (19 1950ugust February 12, 2004), which was known as Toots. Toots and Willy had met in high school and had a son, Sean, in 1970. Alex Halberstadt Doc Pomus biographer, wrote about Toots, "Half French, half Pima Indian, Toots for a pair of rings nose, white as snow makeup kabuki style hive Ronettes and the color of tar. He was once put on a Marlboro Light in the eyes of a woman is than watching Willy. "Garth Cartwright Toots The Guardian wrote about" the combative approach (Deville) media has been aggravated by his wife, Toots and the shadow that would endanger any person cons. "

In 1984, DeVille married his second wife, Lisa Leggett he met in California .. She became his business manager. They lived in New Orleans and a horse farm in Picayune, Mississippi. After his suicide in 2001, he married Nina Lagerwall (Sture Lagerwall daughter), his third wife, and returned to New York where he spent the rest of his life. In February 2009, DeVille was diagnosed with hepatitis C, and in May this year Doctors discovered cancer of the pancreas DeVille during treatment of hepatitis C. He died in New York in the last hours of August 6, 2009, three weeks before turning 59.


About his legacy, DeVille said in an interview: "I have a theory. I know I will sell more records when I am dead. It's not very nice, but I have to get used to the idea. "

Thom Jurek wrote about him after his death, "Willy DeVille is the United States lost America, even if she does not know yet. The reason is the simple: the best rock writers and artists and balance in our history, one of the few who have done well, he understood what he made a great three-minute song, and why matteredecause that mattered. He lived and died with the audience in his shows and gave them something to remember when they left the theater, because he meant every word of every song he played it. And Europe. In this era of patriotic pride America, perhaps we can return to our own true love rock and roll by the discovery of Willy DeVille for the beginner, at least, I remember what it really was: an American original. The myth and pathos in his songs, his voice and his performances are born in these streets and towns and gives then the world who appreciate him much more than us. "


For a discography complete records Willy DeVille, Willy DeVille see discography.

With Mink DeVille:

1977: Cabretta (in Europe) Mink Deville (U.S.) (Capitol)

1978: Return to Magenta (Capitol)

1980: Le Chat Bleu (Capitol)

1981: Coup of Grace (Atlantic)

1983: Where Angels Fear to Tread (Atlantic)

1985: Sportin 'Life (Polydor)

As Willy DeVille:

1987: Miracle (Polydor)

1990: Victoria Mix (Sky Ranch) 1990 (Records Orleans)

1992: Backstreets of Desire (FNAC Music) (Rhino, 1994)

1993: Willy DeVille Live (Fnac Music)

Fantasy Big Easy (New Rose): 1995

1995: Loup Garou (East West) (Discovery, 1996)

1999: Horse of a different color (East West)

2002: Trio Acoustic Live in Berlin (Eagle)

2004: Crow Jane Alley (Eagle)

2008: Gun (Eagle)


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