How To Play Guitar Breakdowns

how to play guitar breakdowns
Guitar Lesson – How to Play “Communication Breakdown” Solo – With Tabs

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How can I write a really good death metal riffs? and a breakdown?

Hello guys. I'm new to death metal, but I joined a group death metal, because really liked the way I play guitar, and I liked how it sounded. I prepared letters very angry, as I am also the author, but I can not think of a good riff angry, headbanging to play! For introduction I thought something very quick with a bell and a lot of bass, then enters a crisis hardcore slow, China or something. But how can I keep writing the riffs? I need an introduction, three poems, two pre-chorus, chorus, bridge 3 and 1 (and outro solo). But I can not imagine anything good for one of these! My bad, I realize I posted this in the wrong place. And man, some of you snobs are classic!

Boy, you're lost … This forum is for classical music – far from the "Death Metal" (whatever that is) as I think possible. I suggest that post in the forum pop.

how to play guitar breakdowns