Guitar World Top 50 Fastest Guitar Players

guitar world top 50 fastest guitar players
Top 10 Fastest Guitarists

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Vote now for The Great Kat! Guitar Player Magazine "would be the last guitar player standing after" Duel "a pinch?" Pol

Vote now for The Great Kat!

Guitar Player Magazine

"Who would GUITARIST FOOT happened since? Shred "a bereavement "Investigation

The Great Kat is leading with 48%!


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The Great Kat 's "The Flight of the Bumblebee" (from "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD)  

The Kat Shred guitar virtuoso Large:

Juilliard violin virtuoso guitar goddess is superior

Top 10 most fastest of all time grinders "- Guitar Magazine

"50 fastest guitarists of all time" – Guitar World Magazine

"The Wildest Guitar Heroes 100" – Classic Rock Magazine

"Female 12 Greatest Guitar" – Elle Magazine

"8 best grinders in the world" – Gibson Lifestyle


The Great Kat Beethoven of the guitar again, "Shred DVD and CD:" Wagner's War "," Rossini's Rape " "Bloody Vivaldi" and "guitar god" is now available on iTunes, featuring popular classic hits shredded on guitar and violin, including music by Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, Vivaldi, Rossini, Sarasate, Wagner, Bazzini, Liszt and more.

Great Kat DVD and CD are a vailable at major international retailers and online stores like, CD Universe,, J & R Best Buy, Amazon Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany. The Great Kat CDs are available for download at  


Contact Great Kat copies of DVDs, CDs or interviews:

Karen Thomas Thomas PR, 631-549-7578


– "Mixing dramatic construction metallic classical music intensively, Kat has made a name for herself in history musical crushing some of the biggest musicals of our time -. "Carlos Milne, AOL Digital City

"The Great Kat, the virtuoso violinist and guitarist metal destroys all classical artists as Beethoven, Paganini, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach. She plays her parts at the speed of light. It is quite a character, the genius and his intensive training classical figure, but allows you to reach extreme speeds that few are able to get -. "Jordi Zelig Tárrega, Metal Circus

-.. "The Great Kat The Priestess of Guitar Shred It can play" Flight of the Bumblebee "at 300 beats per minute Wagner war! No answer openly September 11, includes a version of the hit TV show "Flight of the Valkyries". His disciples ("slaves Kat") that it is a single soldier American needs. Ranked among the "fast shredders ten of all time. How" losing all his crazy lady rep has studied classical violin at the Juilliard York -. "New Magazine


guitar world top 50 fastest guitar players

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