How Do I Play Guitar Faster

how do i play guitar faster
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How to play faster on the bottom?

I'm a bass player and I use the finger 2 and let me know how I can play faster, because I want play songs are fast. And I'm not using a pick.

Obviously, I'll tell you that you need practice, but I'm also going to give you some advice, because I am a bassist. I do not know what level you're on eventaully but returned to the scales! All bass players who can play faster (and does not suck while playing fast) are people who 1) are ridiculously dedicated 2) The practice AT LEAST one hour per day 3) spend most of their time playing a quantity Crazy different scales (major, minor and modal), patterns, arpeggios and Divisions 4) can perform all these things to play quickly, a very slow pace so that the music still sounds like 5) are rock hard tips of the finger (or fingers to fall) 6) knows how to play with a minimum of three fingers of his right hand. I am very happy that you do not pick, and it's just a technique chuckled. Everything starts with the right … test sessions in twenty minutes, but he does three times a day … etc. Just start wth simple scales and arpeggios (doing something about this search and find much instructions on how to play these online modes) and switch to something more complex. Quick Play is both a question of the right hand and left and coordination between them to start slowly and work your way. Find out what this guy did (John Myung of Dream Theater under aka god) and almost make its purpose (for play the pentatonic scale of C minor). Look at what you do with your right hand down to practice. It is a great easier to be a rock musician rather than a good classical musician, but as it progresses I int rock or other more complicated style music in general, you'll realize that it is also necessary to man and just stop fuckin around and I feel almost as if you take lessons in classical piano and ends to get to the basics with good practice. Sorry and good luck

how do i play guitar faster