How To Learn Guitar Fast Online

how to learn guitar fast online
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I played the guitar for a little over a year, so now I need some good techniques to practice?

Eh Well, I played guitar a little over a year I learned more than most and can play many songs now. So now I have some good technical practices, because I feel I'm not much better than playing the same songs over and over again, so what should I practice? How long should I practice? How do I participate? Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Learn more about my game is I play the electric guitar, I play punk and alternative rock. I would like to learn to play solos and I'd get a faster finger. Please do not give me a link online that I have pay for courses, classes Free is good. Thank you.

Ok because it was a year of practice you need to do these things now. "The work on the scales of a start with pentatonic scales, because they are the most common type of work to do scales, blues, symmetrical, practice so playing time. Most of the better play session guitarist. I am even one of them, but I can play stand to keep my skills like sitting up. "The work on the cables of the scales used. Trust mine is certain and you can even with only strings if you practice enough. "I work to be more animated if you are considering joining a group. "The work practices lasted between 30 minutes to an hour. (I practice two hours a day, but I also play the guitar.)-Learn the different styles and picking work in the collection fingers. "More information on the guitar volume and tone not mine (For electric) and learn to correspond to a perfect sound. "Always warm up before listening. Do some simple stretches scales and guitar strings. Play some songs you know when you start. Then something new, then close with a song or two that are sorta learn or improve what they learn. "Give some of your own songs with the new things they learn. "Never give up. These are all things I did, indeed, and yet when I play or practice.

how to learn guitar fast online

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