Learning To Play Guitar Left Handed

learning to play guitar left handed
How to Play the Flamenco Guitar : Left Hand Exercises for Flamenco Guitar

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If a right-handed with a hand injury left to learn guitar for lefties?

I'm right handed, but due to a finger ring wounded, I can not bend the last meeting that makes it difficult to play some chords. Can I use my finger sometimes, but sometimes my ring finger accidentally cut other chains, because I can not bend. when I can not use my ring finger in certain agreements, I can use my finger to do sometimes but I'm starting to think may be easier if I can play the left hand in place for me to cargo easier. I'm not very good at all yet, so it is not that I give a big improvement. is too difficult to choose the non-dominant hand? this is not a wound heals. ill for several years playing soccer, tore the tendon clean the bones.

do not expect your hand to heal, not make things harder for your car, then they should be.

learning to play guitar left handed

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