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Pro Tools is easy to use for the first time or beginner musicians and producers?

Where can I find articles, manuals and Comments for home studio using Pro Tools? I have most of the equipment I need to make music, but now I need something for recording and mastering my music. I find much information on Pro Tools as possible so you can decide if you are using a coputer is the way forward or if you have a 24 track digital recording. I am technically challenged so I would like to know if Pro Tools is correct for a computer model and if it is easy to use. All information on creating a music studio at home would help.

Pro Tools is a very high-end software that is used in most studies recording the state of the art. If you are a bit challenged, it may be a better use of their resources to start a few notches. This does not mean that the quality of product should be much less, but rather provide you with software that can ultimately lead to a better understanding of ProTools for a future purchase. In short, Pro Tools allows users to record many tracks and analog MIDI files, and incorporates many features of compression and processing would be needed in a recording environment. Depending on your external devices (synthesizers, plug-ins, sound banks, etc.), you can create almost anything. Except what you do, then I would recommend for beginners: Digital Performer (Mark of the Unicorn) can record multiple tracks (which may also provide plug-ins a bank of sounds for MIDI tracks) and analog recording (voice or instrument). There are also plug-ins for sound processing, such as compression plant (although You can create and / or modify your own), reverb, etc., but you can also get external boxes (an encyclopedia, for example.), to treat your tracks as well. The beauty of ProTools is that it combines all these features, but if you have little knowledge or understanding of these processes, it would be put the cart before the horse. If you have time to lose, if there is a study in your area who will allow you to sit in a few sessions. You not to be disciplined to stay calm and not interfere, but once you establish that trust with the owners, you can begin to Learn more about saving with this excellent program. With regard to textbooks, there are many rags industry there: Go to a music store and see the grids. You will certainly find groups. In addition, there are hundreds of online focus groups for this subject can be very informative, but it seems you will need a little experience on which to hang some of these things. I should mention that Dig. Performer is compatible with Macs. I do not think is a PC version. It may also be true for ProTools, but here I'm not sure. Ultimately, a computer is the way forward because of the editing capabilities it offers. You will have specific control over each element of the registration process – even changing his tone, a voice that is a bit flat. Good luck ~

music master pro