How To Play Guitar Flamenco Style

how to play guitar flamenco style
Understanding Flamenco – intro to flamenco guitar-clip 03-10

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assist in the flamenco guitar?

I played the guitar for 6 years but just got into flamenco guitar style.One what confuses me is that all these guitarsist flamenco has the longest fingernails. How to take care of their fingernails to play flamenco? Did you train and get over determined to get the perfect sound flamenco?

Personally, I had a straight and curved. I finally decided I curve preferred as they seem to have just the right amount of contact to obtain a full chain, but not the sounds excessive nail raking in the chain. Was really a strange journey of mine growing. I had a time of increasingly difficult to mine that is going to a nail salon, and put in a set of false acrylic nails gathering. I did it for about 3 years or less now, after facing a break real highlight of the affair or chips is much easier. Neither has to worry about my game is fucked if I break a nail I can go because they have set. Most people say that the nail just above the finger. Personally, I prefer mine a little longer than some people to play flamenco and classical. It is personal preference when it comes to length, I think. Even if you remember also use the meat not only his fingernails. So we do not want a length that makes it difficult to use the flesh of his fingers.

how to play guitar flamenco style