Learn How To Play Guitar Notes Online

learn how to play guitar notes online

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good sites for online learning violin?

Ok, I have a violin and I started learning the violin line. I spent hours watching them around and all I could find is how to properly complete the instrument and the things that would be useless if I can not play the notes! Do not say: Can not learn alone, having a teacher, earning money to get a good teacher, ask your friends, whatever. If someone please me most popular websites. I can play the saxophone and guitar and I'm able to play music. I repeat, do not say anything if you do not approve of me to teach yourself. I know it's better to get a teacher. Stick to my question please.

I will not say anything, but: I have some links below that I recommend to my students. I hope they are useful for you too. If you need Help others, give me a note.

learn how to play guitar notes online