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learn guitar new york
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There are so many things I want to do this year?

I do not make resolutions, but the fact that it's 2010 and I'm 19, I realized that time I have to do all the things I want in my life ends. So this year I plan things, but they are all large and a little work and planning. I just need advice on how I can get all these things in the next year. – Go to the City of New York with my friends – go to Canada with my Biff – road trip with her boyfriend – weight 130 (£ 10 -) and remain at that weight – fair skin – transfer to a pharmacy offering university courses as a major. (University of Rochester is ideal if … Pitt) – learn guitar – I plan fun things during the summer well. fun things to do with friends who are stupid and not worth mentioning. I also have my 2 next year with my boyfriend.

Wow! It is much to do, but not impossible. First, buy a book or program each time on your calendar on the phone, because with your busy schedule can not forget a birthday! Things you could start right now are: ~ The light-skinned. Learn from a pharmacist or doctor about the treatment of acne for you on a budget. ~ Weight loss. From Food Paradise Bakery Metro or if you want to eat outside. Eating a serving of vegetables at dinner and lunch with fresh fruit! Search food is healthier than you want and not worry not fast food goes from time to time. ~ College. It takes some time. Within months of the summer: ~ Learn to play guitar. You not to take a course. There are online lessons! ~ Activities friend. ~ Road trip with her boyfriend. During all this time with his friends miss you and it is nice to have time face-to-day. End Summer-Fall: ~ school. ~ Canada. weekend in three days? Maybe five? Winter: ~ New York. Happy 2011! I do not know if it your birthday, but you can press! In addition, jobs are important and could be too much free time. Do not tighten too much in one year! Have fun and good luck!

learn guitar new york

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