Can You Play Guitar Hero 2 Online

can you play guitar hero 2 online
Eye of the Tiger – Guitar Hero World Tour vs. Rock Band 2

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Can you explain my problem to Xbox Live?

Recently, when I play Call of Duty 5, 4, or Left 4 Dead, who literally can not be move two feet without delay, while in multiplayer games. When I test the connection, I have 4.4 bar, a great connection. In addition, none of my other devices (Wii, DS, PC, laptop) have no problem at all. I tried calling Microsoft, but were unsuccessful. I know many people have played Modern Warfare Call of Duty 2, and I think the overflow can be reduced game servers other in one form or another. It could also be useful to mention I have no problem with music games like Guitar Hero online and Rock Band 2 SH. Just stay in first person shooters for some reason. I recently had my Xbox for services to the E-74 lights, but do not know how that would make me have these problems. Can someone help to solve, or at least the figure, which has hurt my Xbox LIVE connection?

CoD games have nothing to do with the delay. Xbox Live connections used by members to run the games for you or the people you play with are the cause of delay. EA is a rare exception. In fact, they have their own servers. Go here and test speed. Proof that not only multiple servers closest to you.

can you play guitar hero 2 online

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