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Anyone know where to find and buy rare bluegrass music?

I'm looking for a song that is a very rare song. I used to play on the radio but not now. The lyrics are as follows: So pick away at the old banjo, strumming the guitar to keep them. We have our Metamucil to keep our engines hum. We call it cheap, that we are close because of Wal-Mart to spend the night. You are as young as you feel, so eat McDonald's Happy Meals. I always thought the song title was "The song Metamucil, but it is apparently more because I can not find it. If anyone knows the real title of this song, please tell me. Also, if someone know where I can buy this song Rarely, please tell me. a lot of bluegrass music old timey. I mean the way back including rare songs of Uncle Dave Macon.

play guitar overnight