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best learn guitar dvds
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Hello. I try to learn and buy a bass guitar. Please advise!?

Guys … I know nothing about bass guitar. I did …. Never touch …. Please advise and help me! Q 1: Is it difficult to learn without a teacher or a friend? I bought that DVD guitar lessons bass. Hopefully I'll teach. I heard that the bass is easier than the electric guitar, because he only plays one note at a time. That's why I'm still learning the bass guitar. Some people say acostic to learn guitar first, but I do not like the guitar …. acostic (Forgive me guitar players acostic …) Q 2: Ok now .. I need a bass guitar. What is the trademark or should I go? I heard Fender and Ibanez are the best, but they are too expensive for me. The price? bass sounds bad? Is it OK to go with unknown brands are cheap? (As much as $ 100) Q 3: Another question is whether I need an amplifier? Guitars have strings … If I hit the strings like this, but why do I need an amplifier that is very expensive? If I buy an amp what size I need?

1 – unfortunately it will be difficult to learn with someone who understood. I play bass in a band … I just started … But anyway I think that, contrary to other instruments, the bass do not hear that much in most of the songs even if you read the labels, it will be difficult for you to get the right tempo … maybe when you feel better, you can, but certainly not now. 2-If I were you I'd go with a Fender. I do not know much more about the guitar, but an entry level Fender is about $ 350 I think. Locate one at a garage sale or Goodwill or something … I do not know … I do not know about the unknown brands, but I think that prevention is better than cure. And yes, you need an amplifier. If you buy a bass that could come with an amplifier, but it is only a "starter" amp. If you intend to play, you'll need something big. We are talking about range of $ 300 on that one.

best learn guitar dvds