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learn guitar through tv
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Are some mental games beneficial?

After completing a stage in Guitar Hero, which is an interesting concept turn in my head. I was upset because my mind, hands, sense of rhythm and timing seemed to work on their own when it comes to interpret a song and I realized, is not very beneficial mental exercise? And I think that coordination and problem solving some but not all of the application involved, the brain. On the negative side, I have the feeling you get playing games to watch the TV screen and I can not say if she is still learning and exercise or if the game is simply "training" to perform certain tasks. I also understand the war that some have been implemented in games, I do not know if it will be heard, but WADA has all but said the game is addictive, but it is a legitimate way to give your brain a healthy dose of exercise? Please refrain from any direction is rebuilt, "Yeah, rock video game! "

Yes games involving lightning-fast reactions (such as Guitar Hero) to refine the neural pathways that lead visual perception of the motor cortex. [You also have a way of learning guitar-hero-specific, such as primary motor cortex of the delegation of certain Guitar Hero action on the motor cortex secondary. This does not translate into other activities.] But the increased reaction time results to other activities because you are developing a well trimmed, well myelinated nerve pathway. Some other games to promote analytical capacity and strategic. Many promote the foregoing. So my answer is yes, some video games * * have a physical, beneficial effect on the brain.

learn guitar through tv