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learn guitar android
How to play guitar on your Android phone

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Can anyone tell me how to use the application tuning guitar gStrings the droid?

I bought a used guitar, when he does, but they were busy learning to play. I have the application on the Android Market and I have no idea of how to use it please help me When I bought the type that I said it'll look like shit then you must adjust u thank you:)

I do not know what the application looks Droid but I guess it was a melody "ear" application? Not not think the phone has the technology to play your guitar tone output. Anyway, if demand does plays note below, I'll leave the game and tune your guitar until the two tones almost identical. You must know the names of the strings, the upper frame (thicker) is E, followed by A, D, G, B, E. If the application on your phone does not work, just go to the YouTube page, I always use when my guitar tuner is running out of batteries! Good luck!

learn guitar android