Play Guitar Like Jimmy Page

play guitar like jimmy page
How to Sound Like LED ZEPPELIN’S JIMMY PAGE ( Guitar and Amp Tutorial )

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What are the most effective ways to play the guitar with a violin bow?

Like the rest of us were inspired by the guitar he folded by the likes of Jimmy Page and, more recently, the cap of Sigur Ros. I understand that it is very difficult to get a good sound, because lack of access to separate strings, and the inability of the guitar pickups stooped to pick up the sounds. I literally It only takes a violin bow to play, and I do not know where to start. There is an obvious "add tons of reverb / delay, but can someone provide more advice? In particular, the information how to use the music of Sigur Ros. Thank you.

uh, in fact, some guitars have a radio station to better than others, but more can be done or at least to a guitar. Jimmy Page and the two agreements Jónsi Birgisson all freight and just acrossall arc angle and chain slipping. which will be implemented. worst case, it is also good for making noise.

play guitar like jimmy page