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play guitar keyboard
Eiffel 65 – Im Blue (Da Ba Dee) on Guitar and Keyboard (Rock Remix)

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Should I play the keyboard or guitar?

What happens is that I play the guitar since I was a child (I have an interest in the drums and trumpets, but I never really wanted to read them), but recently I had a Casio keyboard brand. However, I want to play guitar but I first want to find a couple of things about it before you lose everything I have for the keyboard! Well, here's the question – What I can use to fix and clean my guitar and stuff (If I am one)? – What brand of guitar should I use? – I am calm, but when I'm at ease, I am a very strong type of person, should I stop playing the keyboard (which just started)? – If I play the guitar, what is the best way to learn suggested (my friend is also determined to play the guitar)? Thank you for your help!

Ok I am a musician. I mostly play bass, but I started the piano / keyboards since he was eight. good to know how to play more than one instrument. Although you want to play the guitar the keyboard is still the practice, albeit occasionally. I would use an Ibanez. Fenders are cheap, and guitar sound too cheap. (Bass is another story) No, never quit what you started! It grteat if you are self taught. I am. and always tell someone they are very surprise! It is good to impress people with him. Just play it by ear, and finally, just take some advice from all different genres actors. Have fun! Newbie And Rock On! But not limited to one style of music or an instrument! Ever! Big no no!

play guitar keyboard