Play Guitar Using Yamaha Motif

play guitar using yamaha motif
Yamaha Motif XF7 First Play

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Should I get a guitar or a box of throat?

So I have an ibanez 7 height of the stringed musical, but I have little experience or guitar, although I can play my SG 6 String at home. But I also play music dubstep from korg electribe I used to play the synthesizer in a band until sold my source yamaha decent deep wells, but anyway I'm not very experienced in guitars which is why I do not want and I'll be able to learn quickly how to use the Korg, but not very creative when I'm in a band or just do my thing for dubstep. Unless someone has any suggestions please help me got $ 615 to spend so any help would be great (!:

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play guitar using yamaha motif

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