What Is The Best Guitar Learning Software

what is the best guitar learning software
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The best way to learn to play piano. I have exceptional pace. Need keyboard / piano, software, books. ?

Hello, I want learn to play the piano? Is not it be difficult? I feel very good when it comes to music. I would say that my musical ability is amazing. What is the best way to start? Do I need a book? What book? Should I use a computer program? Suggestions? If I play the game keyboard mania (guitar the hero game for the piano). Has anyone recommended a keyboard should I get? I can not get a piano at this time (not enough space). Money is not much of an option, but I would like to have my values worth it. I know you want weighted keys piano because I want to simulate as much as possible. Please help. Like links to the best stuff! Thank you!

piano is much more than rhythm. u must be agile and nimble fingers. I suggest u buy "Hannon" has great exercises for training fingers. They also learn the core scales and cadences in all keys! (Not so important when u just started) the keys are easier and less down. i wouldnt suggest spending much money on a piano or do not know how much ull be included. Tho do not be discouraged to learn to read music — and get one of those books for beginners that will teach you the basics. also do not get impatient and not try to play things fast. when u go from slow to fast or make mistakes that become a habit and lead to sloppy play. Start slow and gradually increase speed. for models of piano that sounds like you want a digital piano? Inexpensive and have weighted keys. Wuts important is that you get one with a 128 notes polyphony. go to the store and try them. A longer play the eighth and pedal glissando. the piano is the cutoff mark? do u hear the sound from left to right? All these elements are important in determining what … examine some of these units of account to give a good idea (I'm not saying to buy From ash sam, but your site is easy to navigate) http://www.samash.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/search_-1_10052_10002_UTF-8___t% 3A3% 2F%% 2F% 2F% 3Assl 2Fsa%% + + package taxonomy 2F% 2F% 3AKeyboards 3ADigital Pianos and Organs + + + +%% 2C + Piano 3ADigital% 2F% 2F0_ Home__DollarsSold 1_20__________0_-1__DrillDown___182423_ if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail

what is the best guitar learning software